Tip - 75.8% will look at woman with a great body 62.3% have a mental set of sensual images

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1. Imagine you are sitting alone in a train station and a woman with a great body walks in and stands in a nearby line. What is your reaction to the woman? {Choose One Answer}

I openly stare at her and drool forms on my lower lip.    4 %

I’m drawn to look at her, and I sneak a peek, or glance at her from the corner of my eye.    75.8 %

It is impossible not to be aware that she is there, but I try to stop myself from looking.    
18 %

Nothing happens; it doesn’t affect me.    2.3 %

2.  Many men have a mental set of sensual images that rise up or can be conjured up in their minds. Does this apply to you? {Choose One Answer}

Base = Respondents who answered question    400
Yes, and these images are regularly changing – for example, the great body from the previous question could be recalled hours or days later.    62.3 %

Yes, but they are mostly images from years gone by.     24.5 %

No, I don’t have a mental set of sensual images.    13.3 %

By: Shaunti Feldhahn

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