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Now making a Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Reddit accounts are a piece of cake, my little sister who is 5 can do this... that is not where it stops.

Creating a social presense is more than just making an account and its more than just submitting your blog links to them, you must put yourself in your audiences position what would they want to see? Do they want to see normal blog posts or would it be more fun for them to see a new blogging website talking through the statistics of the website; give them something different! Sometimes you can post and tell them how many visitors came to the blog today, give it to them in text format then change it about give it to them in infographics then analyze to see which works better? Facebook has been proven by many experts that pictures work better than text but this is not the case for all the sites.

Catchy 1 liners also bring users to click onto your blog, remember when you're trying to build a social presence NEVER disappear, you must consistently post on all your social sites! Don't over do it and don't under do it either. With time you will find out the "peak" time for your audience and that would be the best time to post.

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