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My website is new and its not ranking well enough compared to its competitor websites may be due to the reason that my site doesn't have enough backlinks. The problem here is that Google says not to get backlinks from web directories, social bookmarking sites, guest posting is also not working anymore than where shall I get links from. The business model of my site is business directory of LA, what quality does Google expect from me although all the information users require are already there on the page such as business name, website, email, contact number, logo, address and a map to guide the users.

Tip 1 - Get your business reviewed by bloggers

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If you can reach out some bloggers related to your industry you can ask for reviews of your product which will automatically get you backlinks.

Tip 2 - Write product reviews on sites like Amazon

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If you can write reviews or comment on different products related to your industry and post them on sites like Amazon, you can get backlinks by including your own link in your profile.

Tip 3 - Lori Eldridge: Find Listings and Directories in Your Own Niche

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Lori Eldridge says there are many business listings and directory websites where you can get your online business listed for backlinks. However, you should stick to the ones from your own niche.

Tip 4 - Write guest posts and comments on other sites

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Guest posing has been a popular way to get backlinks and so is leaving valuable comments on websites with the relevant links.

Tip 5 - Distribute an excellent press release

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A press release with information about your business is an excellent way to get quality backlinks from major news websites which then cover you.

Tip 6 - Host a webinar

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If you host a successful webinar you can get backlinks when people link to the resources you used. You can also upload audio and video files and get links when people share them.

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