Tip - There's a physical, emotional, and spiritual core. Men engage on the first level

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They dodge, clam up, problem-solve when you just want them to listen, toss off "yes" or "no" answers when you were hoping to go deeper. The eternal question: What is it with them? For the answers, expert Roland Warren enticed this group of strangers into talking about what they don't like, what we don't know about them, and what will always keep them up at night.

By Lise Funderburg

"People have three layers," says Warren, who speaks with thousands of dads, couples, and families each year. "There's a physical, emotional, and spiritual core. Men tend to engage on the physical level, talking about what happened—not doing life deeply, if you will. This frustrates women, who seem wired to move more quickly from the physical to the emotional, where real intimacy happens."


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