Tips for New Car's Maintenance

Please share tips regarding the maintenance of new cars, like how do you care for the engine, when do you get the tires changed, what is the right time for the replacement of any other parts etc etc. 

Tip 1 - Rotate Your Tires Every 10,000km

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Rotate your tires after every 10,000km you drive. Move the rear ones to the front and the front ones to the rear. This will make them last longer before you have to replace them completely.

Tip 2 - You can never check your engine oil too often

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All it takes it literally one minute and you can save your engines life, pull up that dipstick and check the levels once in a while. Personally for my car I check every month.

Tip 3 - Keep An Eye on the Dashboard flashing Alerts.

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Keep An Eye on the Dashboard flashing Alerts.

If it is time for an oil change the dashboard will flash with an constant alert letting you know it is time to change the oil, antifreeze or gas. You also get prompted messages that you car is soon due for a Maintenance service. Our car give us the alert, Check Engine Oil. Your car is like a plant it needs constant care and love. 

Tip 4 - Regularly Check Coolant and Brake Oil levels

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Both these fluids are essential for the proper working of your car. The coolant is typically in a bottle that can be opened up from the top to add more. You can read the level from the side, and if it is below the recommended minimum, make sure you add more. Brake fluid doesn't run out as fast but its generally good practice to keep an eye on it in case it is leaking. These two steps can save you money in the long run and keep you safe.

Tip 5 - Use a light keychain

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Most people don't realize but a heavy keychain contingously applies pressure on the tumblers inside your ignition switch. With time (in a few years) these tumblers will wear out and your ignition switch will fail, requiring a replacement. It is hence better to start with a light keychain.

Tip 6 - Care during break-in period

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If you are not careful during the break-in period of your new car, your engine and car won't last as long as you want. The break-in period is usually till you have driven 1000 miles, and during that time, your speed should not exceed 55 mph, or as recommended by your manufacturer. Make sure no heavy loads are carried either and the car is not left to idle for long. The rpm should also be kept in check to improve the engine's life.