Tipspit FAQs

Click on a heading below to find answers to the most frequent questions.

It takes less than 30 seconds to create an account. No email required, no Facebook connect, simply pick a user name and password and you are good to go. You can create an account by clicking on ‘Get your free account | Sign in’ from the top header and entering your details in the pop-up box that appears.

Please make sure the title for your topic is Tipable. For example “I am confused it is called Football or Soccer” is not really a tipable topic. “Need help with controlling the soccer ball better” is a topic which allows people to provide tips. You need to be signed in to create a topic. Click on the ‘Create new topic’ button from the top header and you will be redirected to the topic creation page. Add your title and add description (optional) then choose an appropriate category and upload any image you want to go with your topic before clicking ‘Save’. If you got the tip from an article, video or an essay online, please add the URL of where you got it from (this will inform people where to get additional details for that tip).

Please refer to our content guidelines for these details but make sure to check for the category your topic falls under and see if already exists. You can also use the search feature to find out if your topic has already been posted.

There is an Upload Topic Image option on the topic creation page and you can choose any file on your computer for uploading. Once you have selected a file, wait for it to be uploaded to our server, after which a preview will be displayed for you. Now you can click on the ‘Save’ button to publish your topic.
We recommend that you upload images with any topics you create in order to attract visitors to it. Topics which have images generally receive more tips than those which don’t.

Every topic has several social sharing options available under the main heading. Use them to share your topics socially and invite family and friends to give tips. Normally, topics which have tips attract more tips from the community.

Find a topic or category you want to provide a tip for; just click the ‘Submit Your Tip’ option on the topic page to add a tip.
Choose a title for your tip (within 85 characters) and a description to go with it. If you have a useful link pertaining to your tip you can also share it in the ‘Website’ box. Finally you can upload an image for your tip (optional) and click on ‘Save’ to publish it.
You can only add one tip per topic, so make sure you provide your best tip.
We are building the world’s largest Tip community to help as many people as possible.

Things to be considered are:

  • This is not a place for tweets or status messages.
  • We believe Facebook and Twitter are better suited for those.
  • is to provide tips or read tips from others.
  • Not a Tip : Just went to the bathroom. But
  • Is a Tip: Eating banana fixes upset stomach.
  • Not a Tip : Can’t sleep.
  • Is a Tip: Setting a regular bedtime helps you sleep better.

Tips are ranked according to the votes they receive. Voting is open but every member can only vote once per tip. The best way to make your tip rank higher is to give out valuable information and then sharing the topic on your social network to get more votes. The higher your tip ranks the more votes you get from the community and the more traffic you can get for your website. Make sure you get your family and friends to vote for your tip.

If you view any topic page you created and you will be able to see the ‘Edit Topic’ option next to its title. Click the option and make the required changes on the next page.

If you click ‘More’ to expand any tip you have provided you will see the ‘Edit Tip’ option. Click on it and make the required changes on the next page.

Logged in users can see their Usernames in the top right corner of the screen. Click on the Username to bring down a list and click on ‘Change Password’. On the next page you can enter the new password you want and save it.

Click on your Username from the top right corner of the page and choose the ‘Edit Profile’ option. On the Edit Profile page you can add your name, your title (one line description), your e-mail address (for account recovery), any website you may have, your location and your gender.
After adding all the relevant information, click on ‘Update’ to save the changes.

On the ‘Edit Profile’ page you also have the option to upload a profile photo. You can select any picture from your computer and upload it before clicking on ‘Update’ to save the changes.

For support you can send us an e-mail at