Baby Jogger Summit 360 Overview

The Summit 360 by Baby Jogger is an all terrain multi-purpose swivel wheel stroller getting excellent reviews. This stroller has won awards from PTPA (Parent Tested Parent Approved) and NAPPA (National Parenting Publications Award) for2016. With a price tag around $400.00, this is one of the high-end strollers on the market. The lightweight aluminum frame makes this stroller easy to push. At23 lbs, this stroller, is one of the lightest in its class. The Baby Jogger Summit 360 has 16” pneumatic rear tires and a 12” pneumatic front swivel tire that locks into a fixed position with the flip of a switch. The Summit 360 has independent suspension on all three wheels providing a smooth ride on any surface. Complete with padded reclining seat, retractable weather cover, sun canopy, side vented panels and adjustable five-point harness, this model comes loaded.

The Baby Jogger Summit 360 has a lifetime warranty on the frame. This stroller is rated for children up to 75 lbs.

Baby Jogger Summit 360 Pros and Cons

Parents reviewing the Baby jogger Summit 360 said it had a super smooth ride and was easy to steer. The tires pop off with a push of a button and it folds very easily. Customers who did experience any issues said that Baby Joggers’ customer service was outstanding and very responsive.

Some consumers didn't like that it does not have a hand brake. There was a complaint that the stroller wobbled a little when running. We would like to note that serious runners should not use a swivel wheel stroller. Fixed wheel strollers are much better suited for this purpose. Some felt the seat did not recline deep enough for a newborn. We should comment again that jogging with a newborn is not recommended. The recommended age is 6 months. You should check with your pediatrician before starting any exercise regiment with your child. Read more reviews

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