Want to Get Back With My Ex

Me and my ex broke up last year over a silly argument but she is still single and I want to get back with her. How do you think I should approach her and how can I find out whether she wants it too or not? We don't talk much, just on and off, but things are friendly at the moment.

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    Start Sending Her Regular Texts During the Day - Not at Night Though  More

  • Tip 2

    Start talking more frequently  More

  • Tip 3

    Be straightforward about what you think  More

  • Tip 4

    Own up to your part in the breakup  More

  • Tip 5

    Invite Her to a 'Get Together' with friends where you two are alone  More

  • Tip 6

    Surprise her on her birthday  More

  • Tip 7

    Ask a friend to get the word across innocently  More

  • Tip 8

    Send her a gift randomly with an apology note  More

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