Best Viral Marketing Essays You Must Read

Viral Marketing is considered the holly grill of organic growth. Look at the Dot Com household names of today and you will find one common factor “viral Growth”.  From Facebook to Google and the latest phenomena Whatsapp, which was recently bought for 19 Billion, are all product of Viral Spread.

This list is for tips, essays, articles and videos on Viral marketing. Please add your own tip or submit a tip from something your read online. Don’t forget to add URL, which community can go to read further.  The list is ranked by Community Votes.

  • Tip 2

    Apple's Secrets For Growth  More

  • Tip 7

    Use Social Currency For Spread  More

  • Tip 9

    What Makes Online Content Viral: Great Research Paper  More

  • Tip 11

    People enjoy sharing things that make them look good  More

  • Tip 12

    Build word-or-mouth into your product  More

  • Tip 14

    United Arab Emirates (Uae) Email Database  More

  • Tip 15

    mailing list for sale  More

  • Tip 16

    email marketing lists for sale  More

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