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These past few days I've enjoyed reading many quotes on the web, thought I'd ask the tippers on here if they can give me there ultimate best success quotes - it can be either your own success quote something you've been through in life and thought about or a quote that you like very much, be sure to give the correct reference for the person.

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    You Don't Have to be Great to Start, But You Have to Start to Be Great.  More

  • Tip 2

    John Lennon - This one is beautiful  More

  • Tip 3

    In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of fail  More

  • Tip 4

    "If you are not willing to risk the usual you will have to settle for the ordinary.”  More

  • Tip 5

    - Jim Rohn  More

  • Tip 6

    The Road to Success is Always Under Construction  More

  • Tip 7

    If You Want Something You've Never Had You'll Have to Do Something You've Never Done  More

  • Tip 8

    If You Really Want Something You'll Find a Way-If you Don't, You'll Find an Excuse.  More

  • Tip 9

    I will PERSIST till I SUCCEED  More

  • Tip 11

    Success Comes to Those Who Persist and Remain Patient  More

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