Want to Get Back With My Ex

Me and my ex broke up last year over a silly argument but she is still single and I want to get back with her. How do you think I should approach her and how can I find out whether she wants it too or not? We don't talk much, just on and off, but things are friendly at the moment.

Tip 1 - Start Sending Her Regular Texts During the Day - Not at Night Though

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Since you want to get back with her, you need to make the move and start by sending her regular texts during the day. You can start from the morning on-wards (not at dawn though) and just ask her how she is, what she had for lunch etc, and see where the conversation goes. If she responds encouraging you can continue this.

However, try not to text her during the night unless she messages first. Otherwise, she might consider it something else and not give you a shot to show your sincerity.

Tip 2 - Start talking more frequently

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If you want to get back with her, you should start talking to her more frequently. Just text more often and then slowly start calling her more and see how she responds. If you think you are hitting off again and she isn't pulling back, you can bring up the topic.

Tip 3 - Be straightforward about what you think

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Be straightforward about what you think

Forget these stupid games, if you want something you go after it. Say exactly what you said on here "we had a silly argument, lets try again - what do you say?" make sure you end it off as a question so she know you're serious. As long as you come across serious like you want to make that commitment then she will certainly think about it given that she is single and has nobody else on her mind right now. Good luck!

Tip 4 - Own up to your part in the breakup

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A good way to start would be to apologize and own up for what role you played in the breakup. Obviously you need to show your sincerity and assure her that you have been working on improving things and thinking about the mistake you made. 

Chances are that if she has been thinking about you too, she will accept your apology and you'll be back with her.

Tip 5 - Invite Her to a 'Get Together' with friends where you two are alone

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A good way to do it is to invite her to a get together with friends, maybe to a beach party or a weekend out of town. Then have your friends (who are going to be in it with you) ditch you guys half way or after you reach there (they can make up some emergency). This will leave just the two of you and plenty of time to bond.

Tip 6 - Surprise her on her birthday

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If her birthday is coming soon it can be the best way to get back with her. Just throw her a surprise party or get a great gift for her. She will definitely be taken unprepared and after you show her that you still care, you can pop the question.

Tip 7 - Ask a friend to get the word across innocently

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If you two have a common friend who is on your side, ask him/her to get the word to her. Your friend can innocently suggest this to her and see how she responds. If she appears willing, you can approach her and say that your friend brought you two together.

Tip 8 - Send her a gift randomly with an apology note

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A good way to make things work again would be to send her a nice gift, something she really likes or wants, and attach your apology note with it. However, don't push her, or make her feel like the gift is a bribe.

The apology note should simply say that you are sorry for your part and you would really like it if she reconsidered you. Leave it up to her, and give her time. If it is meant to work, you will get a positive response.

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