Good Color Combinations for Room Redecoration

I want to redecorate my bedroom and want to consider different color combinations. If you guys have any ideas about some unique but subtle color combinations please share. 

Tip 1 - Try Sky Blue and White

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Try Sky Blue and White

Both sky blue and white give a very bright, clean and modern appearance to your room. I find this color scheme very uplifting.

Tip 2 - Go with off white and beige

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Go with off white and beige

Neutral colors like off white and beige work universally. These colors are also easy to match with curtains, rugs etc with.

Tip 3 - Grey and Yellow can be very fashionable

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Grey and Yellow can be very fashionable

If you pick out a grey or slate color for your walls and then use yellow in the interior you can give a very modern and fashionable look to your room.

Tip 4 - Blues and Greens

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Blues and Greens

Blues and Greens make a lovely and vibrant color scheme, especially if you love bright energetic colors.You can mix and match the blue and green tones as you see fit.

Tip 5 - White and Purple

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White and Purple

White and purple make a striking combination which can look both classic and modern, depending on your furniture. You don't have to go with a very bright shade of purple either, just pick an intensity you are comfortable with.

Tip 6 - Black and White for spacious rooms

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Black and White for spacious rooms

Black and white never goes out, and if you have a room which is spacious, you can create a stunning decor using just these two colors.

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