Why do marriages fail after so long?

I have noticed a major divorce trend amongst couples who have been married for well over 20 years. I don't understand, what causes them to take such drastic decisions?

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    Poor communication is the reason why marriages and other long-term relationships fail  More

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    You start taking each other for granted and don’t spend enough time with your spouse.  More

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    Demanding Love Vs. Sharing Love, demanding is a deadend  More

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    Husband and Wife start taking each other for granted  More

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    The marriage was never really very good  More

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    The Unhealed and Unresolved Effects of Past Injuries Time heals all wounds  More

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    When feelings cool, you find no reserves to love obviously imperfect person  More

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    Money & Household balance  More

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    Marriages don't just end overnight, it's been ending for a long time  More

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    Lack of true compatibility  More

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    When life becomes a routine and we look for a change  More

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    My 22 year marriage  More

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    Purchase Email Marketing Lists  More

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    Consumer Email Lists For Sale  More

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    Database lists for sale  More

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    email databases  More

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