Best ways to decrease bounce rate for your website?

Hey TipsPit community, I'm fairly new here. My first topic, I'm wondering how does one bring down bounce rate for their site... for those that are not familiar with the term bounce rate it means the number of people bouncing off your website after just visiting the first page/landing page(whichever page they came from).

What can I do to keep them floating around the website rather than visiting 1 page and leaving?


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    You're acquiring the wrong kind of traffic to your page  More

  • Tip 2

    Giving people exactly what they want can actually work against you!  More

  • Tip 3

    Speed, speed, speed!  More

  • Tip 4

    Making the site mobile friendly  More

  • Tip 5

    Structure your ad placement accordingly  More

  • Tip 6

    Have a related section  More

  • Tip 7

    Poor Design  More

  • Tip 8

    Use pop-ups  More

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