Ideas To Gain Initial Traction For Your Business

Ideas to gain initial traction for your startup or business.  Every new venture requires the initial user base to validate the concept and to figure out your metrics. This is an idea pit for how to get your first customers and how to get them to keep coming back.

  • Tip 1

    Collison installation : startups take off because the founders make them take off  More

  • Tip 3

    Determine your startup’s growth engine  More

  • Tip 4

    PR is the Key: Use early adopters and bloggers to promote your brand  More

  • Tip 5

    Tasks that can be automated, should be automated!  More

  • Tip 6

    Inform everyone you know about your business  More

  • Tip 10

    Preplan every hour, every minute, every second  More

  • Tip 11

    You must give everyone a solid reason to participate  More

  • Tip 12

    Utilize every single contact you have  More

  • Tip 13

    Sean Ellis : Half the marketing battle is the product  More

  • Tip 15

    You must use Social Growth Hacking  More

  • Tip 16

    Create customer base; friends, family, people you work with, neighbours  More

  • Tip 17

    Build the hype or shape the hype yourself  More

  • Tip 18

    Your business has something to offer for people that come first  More

  • Tip 19

    Show liquidity – “Monkey See – Monkey do”  More

  • Tip 20

    Improve website to attract more users in the beginning stages  More

  • Tip 21

    Cps staffnet  More

  • Tip 22

    Email databse  More

  • Tip 23

    Buy Email Marketing List  More

  • Tip 24

    Dubai Companies Email List  More

  • Tip 25

    targeted email lists for sale  More

  • Tip 26

    buying an email list  More

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