Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Given how important successful Social Media Marketing is for Small Businesses, we have a compiled some tips here from industry experts for the benefit of small business owners. Here you will find helpful tips on effectively using platforms like LinkedIn and general guidelines to ensure the best results from your social media marketing campaigns.

  • Tip 1

    Manage your time according to your target audience  More

  • Tip 2

    Paul Gillin: Write One LinkedIn Recommendation Each Week  More

  • Tip 4

    Focus on value and don't try too hard  More

  • Tip 5

    Don't over do it, max three posts per day on FB, Twitter and Linkedin  More

  • Tip 8

    Jeremy Pepper: ABC - Always Be Choosing  More

  • Tip 9

    Pick a Narrowly Targeted Audience and Come Up With a Compelling Topic  More

  • Tip 10

    Dave Jones: Social Media ain't free!  More

  • Tip 11

    email database  More

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