Dealing with Kidney Stones

I have had kidney stone issues since I was 26 and underwent two operations to get them removed. However, they keep coming back and while I am maintaining water intake, some tips from those who have had kidney stones would be great. I want to reduce the pain and get rid of them naturally.

Tip 1 - Watch your weight

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Being overweight has also been linked to increased chances of getting kidney stones. Just make sure you are not overweight for your height.

Tip 2 - Do not eat more than 3g of salt a day.

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some stones may be made of calcium and it would be advisable to avoid too much salt and processed foods. eat natural and healthy

Tip 3 - Stay away from high-protein foods

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High protein foods break down into urea which has a major role in the formation of kidney stones. Just watch your meat intake and don't eat a lot of grains either.

Tip 4 - Reduce your Vitamin C consumption

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Intake of Vitamin C in your daily diet should be reduced to under 2 grams because unused calcium and a high quantity of it in your blood can promote stone formation in the kidneys.

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