Diet Plans for Quick Weight Loss

I am not looking for tips like drink more water and do more exercise. On this topic I want to collect information and tips related to diet plans which actually work and can help us all lose weight really fast. If you have any diet plans or related tips please share so we can reach our goals faster.

Tip 1 - Free Ebook And Workout Video For Free

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Hi It's Me Aline Pilani In This Page I Will Give You My Ebook & The 18 Minutes Full Body Workout Video for FREE! So What Are You Waiting For Hurry Limited Time Offer

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Tip 2 - HCG Hormone Diet

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This is an unconventional diet, as it involves the use of Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) hormone. Basically this hormone is produced during pregnancy and allows for the healthy development of the embryo.

The hormone promotes the use of adipose tissue from the body, which means, you will lose fat, even if you are not pregnant. The diet requires the intake of HCG as drops or in the form of injections, along with around 500 calories/day of food.

However, this diet should only be adopted for a maximum of 40 days and that too under strict medical supervision.

Tip 3 - Drink Water Before Each Meal

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Drink Water Before Each Meal

"Numerous studies have shown that drinking water before meals can result in consuming less calories at those meals, which can ultimately lead to weight loss."

Tip 4 - Volumetrics Diet is very clever

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The volumetrics diet divides food according to energy densities. Category 1 is the lowest and Category 4 is the highest density food. Typically, people eat the same amount of food everyday regardless of the number of calories or energy density. This is not only inefficient but also a major cause behind weight gain.

According to the volumetrics diet you should eat more of category 1 foods and very less of category 4 foods. Focusing on their energy density and not a standard plate-full or size.

Tip 5 - The Biggest Loser Diet

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This diet program provides members with specific healthy recipes according to their food choices. You can either follow the recommendations or swap the given recipe for another. The basic tenants of this diet are:

Eat Wholesome Food and Eat Every 3 to 4 Hours.

Tip 6 - Ayurvedic Chinese Diet

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The Ayurvedic diet states that food can be tamasic, which means destructive, or satvic, which means full of life. In order to keep food satvic, you should cook it as little as possible, this includes boiling and frying. Try to keep as much of its natural essence intact.

Secondly, this diet focuses on the reduction of portions. You should only take one dish at one meal, and be done eating before you actually feel full or bloated. This diet can yield quick results but it is more suited to long-term weight loss and healthy eating.

Tip 7 - Try Cabbage Soup Diet

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This is a 7 day diet and can be quite healthy in terms of detox and weight loss. You need onions, cabbage, carrots, celery, mushrooms and tomatoes. Just dice all of them up and boil them in water as per your requirement. You can eat the soup all day because it has very few calories and can help you lose weight in a week.

Tip 8 - Sauerkraut Diet can help you lose 6 pounds in 3 days

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Sauerkraut is basically pickled cabbage and is a very healthy diet allowing you to lose up to 6 pounds in only 3 days. The cabbage, preserved with salt, reduces cholesterol, boosts your immune system, contains antioxidants and slows down the brain's aging process. There are only around 40 calories in 100 grams of the pickled cabbage, so you can basically eat as much as you want.

Tip 9 - Go on an Apple Diet

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Apples are remarkable weight loss fruits that actually take up calories in the process of digestion. You can try going on an apple diet, which means eating an apple every time you are hungry. Drinking apple juice during the diet is fine too but you should focus on water intake. Do this for 10 days and you will notice a big difference in your weight.

Tip 10 - 2 words: Green Tea

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2 words: Green Tea

Drinking Green Tea, twice a day alone will show you a noticeable difference in 1 month, I have tried this first hand and I've passed this tip to my peers, friends, family - they have also seen visible results.

Keep it natural, if you can't have it without sugar then use honey instead of sugar.

Tip 11 - Flat Belly Diet

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MUFAs or monounsaturated fatty acids are known to dramatically reduce belly fat and promote satiety. The flat belly diet focuses on plant-based sources of MUFAs, like seeds, avocados and olive oil. These fats also prevent the clogging of arteries and yield very quick results and a flat belly.

Tip 12 - Go on a Raw Food Diet

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The raw food diet is not new and has been around for over 2 centuries. Basically you need to take everything raw, which means no food should be cooked, processed, heated up, engineered or treated in any way. Stick with fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds and herbs.

Not only will your immune system boost up but you will also consume half the calories you would if you were to eat cooked food. You should see quick weight loss if you stick with this diet for a week.

Tip 13 - Eat small portions every three hours throughout the day

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Eat small portions every three hours throughout the day

The 3-Hour Diet involves eating small portions every three hours throughout the day. The theory is that eating constantly will keep your metabolism continually running at a high rate and burning fat. There are no prohibited types of food—only portion restrictions. Fried chicken, candy bars, bacon, and red meat are allowed.

Tip 14 - Eat Smaller Meals and not too Late

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Tip 15 - Maple Syrup Diet like Beyonce

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Try the maple syrup diet like Beyonce did to lose weight. It is quick, but not healthy, so try at your own risk.

Tip 16 - Water: no calories, no carbs, little to none sodium: Cheap yet effective!

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Water: no calories, no carbs, little to none sodium: Cheap yet effective!

Your body is mainly water and surprisingly enough it only wants more! Water helps flush out all the toxins in your body, jump starts your metabolism. Drink plenty of water (2-3 litres) and you will see numerous benefits, in this case weight loss.

Tip 17 - The General Motors Diet

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The General Motors diet plan is made for their employees to manage their weight. It is actually a very strict diet but it ensures that you stay fit and in style, like top executives in General Motors.

For further reading: [17]

Tip 18 - Atkins Diet Works

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Atkins Diet still works, and has been updated in the last couple of years. The basic concept is to limit the intake of carbs so that the body switches over to metabolizing the stored fats and losing weight.

Tip 19 - Follow the DASH diet plan

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Follow the DASH diet plan

DASH diet been ranked as the best dietthe healthiest diet, and the best diet for diabetes, 4 years in a row? The expert panel of physicians assembled by US New & World Reports chose DASH because it is proven to improve health, has a balance of healthy food groups, and it actually works. It has been proven to lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and is associated with lower risk of several types of cancer, heart disease, stroke, heart failure, kidney stones, reduced risk of developing diabetes, and can slow the progression of kidney disease.

For further reading: [19]

Tip 20 - Scarsdale Diet Plan - it keeps you full and loose weight

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This is the perfect diet for people who don't want to go hungry and need to lose more than a couple pounds.

The Scarsdale Diet Plan doesn't require weighing, measuring, counting or anything but following simple menus filled with everyday foods. It works, it keeps you full, and gives you energy!

Tip 21 - Try Vegan Diet

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A vegan diet has no meat, fish or poultry. All animal products are excluded and you can't consume any dairy or eggs. The good thing is, not only will you be getting rid of high cholesterol and most fatty food items, you will lose weight pretty quick if you stick to it. Just focus on eating fresh fruits, leafy vegetables, nuts and grains.

Tip 22 - Low-carb Ketogenic Diets

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Carbohydrates are the main source of energy in the body and low-carb diets restrict their intake. When the body has no carbs to burn, ketosis happens, which is the process where stored fat is used up by the body for energy. You just have to cut down on foods which have carbs and instead take low-carb items or items which have proteins. 

Tip 23 - Weight Watchers Diet

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This one of the more popular diet programs these days and helps you lose quick weight by making healthy diet choices. They have a PointsPlus program, which gives every food a point value according to the nutrients it includes. Food which is healthy and can fill you up the longest is cheap (in terms of points) compared to empty calorie food items.

Tip 24 - The Hollywood or Grapefruit Diet

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Grapefruit diet, also known as the Hollywood Diet, has been around since 1930 but got popular later in the century. It is believed that grapefruits promote fat burn and block the process of fat storage. 

This is typically a 12 day diet and you can eat meat, eggs and bacon with it, although in low quantities. Your main focus is on eating half a grapefruit with every meal.

Tip 25 - Try the Dukan Diet

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The Dukan Diet claims that you can lose 10 pounds in the first 7 days and then around 4 a week till your ideal weight is reached. The diet has shown that people have lost weight during the stages detailed by the plan. Check out the link I am sharing below.

Tip 26 - Tips to Lose Weight Quickly and Safely

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Everybody is fighting a never ending battle against expanding waistlines. Learn how to lose weight quickly and safely by reading this article.

Tip 27 - Healthy Ways to Lose Weight For All | Health Beauty Aid

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Healthy Ways to Lose Weight For All | Health Beauty Aid

If you become a trendy and want to go with the flow of the time, you must seek for the healthy ways to lose weight. Learn more wih this article.

Tip 28 - Weight Loss Is Now Easy With Patanjali Products - Beauty Girl Magazine

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Weight Loss Is Now Easy With Patanjali Products - Beauty Girl Magazine

Although there are numerous brands in the market that claim to cut down your body fat, on the other hand, Patanjali, an Indian brand has made it to the top. The Ayurvedic Patanjali products impact your body in every guaranteed way to chuck down the extra pounds from your body.

Tip 29 - The Complete Guide to Diets Resource

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The Complete Guide to Diets Resource

With so many diets and programs to choose from, we have compiled a guide on the most popular and less common diets so you can easily discover what's involved.

Tip 30 - 4 Ways to make your workout plans to lose weight at the home

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4 Ways to make your workout plans to lose weight at the home

So you decide to lose excess weight, Big deal – that’s something every woman on the planet decides to do each day of life. But only a few succeed, while the mediocre ones continue to cr…

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Tip 31 - Try Venus Factor Weight Loss Plan

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Try Venus Factor Weight Loss Plan

You can try Venus Factor weight loss plan which is designed to dramatically increase female metabolism and bring out the sexy goddess by delivering fast, long term, enjoyable fat loss without restricting the foods you crave most.

The Venus Factor is a super easy to follow 12 week nutrition plan that shows you exactly what to do step by step to create a new, fat burning metabolism.

For further reading: [31]

Tip 32 - The Scarsdale Diet

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The scarsdale diet is great for quick weight loss, I am a personal trainer and have used it to help my clients lose weight both quickly and easily, check out my blog for more information (

For further reading: [32]

Tip 33 - Mail Lists For Sale

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Mail Lists For Sale

Businesses, small or large, have to have effective marketing mediums whether it is offline or online marketing. Returns on the marketing investments are better if both of the said mediums are to be used. This is where marketing through the Internet takes place. Internet marketing is being utilized in marketing strategies and work hand in hand in promoting a particular business.

The very first thing to consider in marketing, especially online, is identifying the objectives. One must still identify the target audience, understand the market, and deliver the message. The Internet allows you to have real time research data that can be used in deciding the next course of action.

Once identified, the customer needs to have somewhere to go to do business with the company. This is where websites come in to play. Some of the businesses and brands are located strictly offline with brick and mortar locations. This stifles the company's global marketability. Since most people today search online and are willing to test the water with different brands online companies have to go even further by developing more sophisticated sites. Some businesses operate strictly online with Internet positioned brands such as the Harper Collins' website and website which are set jointly by Boots. As a result, a more competitive space makes companies more aware of the brand equity risks that can possibly lead to developing new brands online.


For further reading: [33]

Tip 34 - Buy Business Email List

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Buy Business Email List

Business email list is a method which has confirmed itself for being the best in providing growth, popularity and money to a business. There are many people who have gained the hike in their business due to this. There are many methods which make the business email list building such a great system for the business and the best method of marketing. The enormous use of email There are people who use email enormously, and it has been found from different surveys that 70% internet users in the world use their email accounts minimum once in a week. In spite of different effective communication methods available these days, e-mail is considered the best. People are using email communication both for the purpose of personal as well as for the business which make the business email list best to reach more number of people successfully. Instant process Mailing different people for promotion is not a difficult thing through email. One can easily manage to send emails many people at one time and the information and the other things which are to be sent to the customers are to be designed once. The process is quite fast and one can use it after having a business email list easily. The easy process of gaining the list Finding a list of people or companies is not as easy as it seems. Social networking websites are good sources for such emails. One can catch many email ids from the various advertisements, articles and blogs. Some service providers are present in the field to provide list which demand some money for the work. The growth after an effective start The start in the process may take some time but when the process of gaining some customers begins, then it will not stop sooner. An attractive email can attract huge number of people so one should make sure that the email which is going to catch the eye of many people should be up to the quality. The main thing that has been caught attractive in the business email list is its flexibility which makes the matter very innovative and best in quality.

For further reading: [34]

Tip 35 - Buy Mailing Addresses

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Buy Mailing Addresses

It is important when you buy email lists, particularly some free mailing lists, because some can be very dated and not relevant to subject. Addresses that were compiled some time ago will probably not going to promote the best response and you could be looking at a very poor conversion rate with regard to anyone even opening mailing addresses it is obviously clear also that targeting an audience with a leaning towards the subject matter you are dealing in will have a much better chance of creating much interest in your product or service. Reputable email services companies know that if they send out email for a client from a list full of bad emails, you could be blocked; so could they. That's why email services companies that know what they are doing won't let you import a purchased address list to begin with.


For further reading: [35]

Tip 36 - email marketing lists for sale

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email marketing lists for sale

Take advertising for example; if an organization does not to take after the present promoting fever, they can hope to fall a long ways behind the pack as their opposition leads the pack regarding creating pay. Starting late, there is a lot of organizations around the world that utilize the promoting technique of lead era as a component of their in-house operations. Creating business leads is extremely popular for some organization proprietors. They have discovered this exceptionally compelling methodology and has regarded it as the promising finish to the present course of action.

For further reading: [36]

Tip 37 - Purchasing mailing list

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Purchasing mailing list

Latest Database purchasing mailing list provides you the most sophisticated and elaborate databases on Australian business email lists, with full of customer information that you may wish to target in order to promote your products and/or services. Thinking about procuring a comprehensive database on Australian business email lists, your solution lies with Latest Database™ providing you a complete Australian consumers’ email database to help market yourself like never before. Stay ahead in the race simply by buying an email database from us with all relevant details of potential clients.Latest Database have 4 million Australian Consumer Email Database.

As an internet or affiliate marketer sooner or later or right from beginning you would like to embark your email campaign. And if you don't have purchasing mailing list you'll try to find for a shortcut, you search online and get several companies who will boast that they have one of the biggest purchasing mailing list already available all you have to do is pay them and they will send your promotional emails to their list.

Now I want to make clear why you should not do this mistake of purchasing that kinda service.

I forked out $1,000 and he even was willing to add in some extra leads. This did make me feel real good and I was prepared to rock. After three weeks of purchasing mailing list, calling and prospecting I did not get one upgrade. I did not know what to question, the leads or my skill to get an upgrade. I come to recognize I had wasted $1,000 and the individual I bought the list from was laughing all the way to the bank.


For further reading: [37]

Tip 38 - Sales Directors & Managers Email Database Lists

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Sales Directors & Managers Email Database Lists

Want to get sales directors and sales manager email database lists? Latest mailing database provide you this database and this list is updated and real.

Tip 39 - Office Supplies Buyers List

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Office Supplies Buyers List

Office Supplies Buyers List                                                                                 

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