How CEOs Win at Recruiting

Some companies win and some lose but those who win; have a CEO, who understands the power of attraction. Attracting good talent is one of the most important aspect of growing a company. 

The best CEO's quickly understand that the #1 contributor to the success of their company is based upon the people that they hire. Yet, the majority of CEOs fail to take a proactive role in hiring, and often pass it off to an HR person who has never been trained properly in recruiting. If you believe the Human Resource Professionals coming out of universities with an MBA in HR, have been properly trained to master the recruiting and hiring process, you would be mistaken.

In fact, in my work in mentoring recruiting rookies (many with MBA's in HR), you would be surprised how many grad students wanting a job in recruiting have not even had one class explaining the real recruiting process. Universities are only now looking to finally offer accredited courses in recruiting, something that has been long over due for a $130 billion dollar industry that keeps growing!

Would love to hear from others in the tips section below on how CEO's win at recruiting. 

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